Government Accomodation Facilities at Mount Abu
Circuit House (Rajasthan Government)
Circuit House of Rajasthan Government is situated on Arbuda Devi road in front of Cama Rajputana Club Resort near Swami narayan Temple. It has total 16 double bed rooms. It has beutiful surroundings in its peripheri. Booking is done by the Manager Circuit house, Tel. No. 02972-238933.
Circuit House .........
Minister's Cottage
Minister's cottages are another government accomodation having nice view of the nakki lake and suurounded with lush green natural scenery. Each cottage is having 2 double bed rooms, drawing room and dining room. It will be an excellent experince staying in these cottages. The booking of these cottages are done by the Manager Circuit House under the control of District Administratiom.
Ministrial Collages...........
Dholpur House
Dholpur House is just near the circuit of Rajasthan Government and is just like ministrial collage. The booking is done by the Circuit House Managaer.

Dholpur House..........
Holiday Home
Holiday Home is yet another government accomodation, which is on delwara road and is also beutifully constructed building with beautiful nature surroundings. It has 9 rooms and the booking is under the control of Manager, Rajasthan Circuit.

Holiday Home.........
Delwara Daak Bunglow
Delwara Daak Bunglow is situated in front of the Delwara Jain Temple. The booking of which is governed by the Manager, Rajasthan Circuit House.

Delwara Daak Bunglow....
Forest Guest House
A Guest House of Forest Department is situated at Sunset Point. The booking is done by the DFO, Mount Abu.

Forest Guest House....
Midherst Daak Bunglow
Midherst Daak Bunglow is situated Near Global Hospital and the booking is done by the PWD Department, Sirohi and Mount Abu.
Midherst Daak Bunglow....
Irrigation Guest House
Irrigation guest house is a situated near sun-set point and booking is done by the XEN, Irrigation, Sirohi.

Irrigation Guest House....
Shail Mani CPWD Rest House
Irrigation guest house is a guest of the Irrigation department.Global

Sail Mani, CPWD Guest House....
The Paches - A Railway Rest House
Irrigation guest house is a guest of the Irrigation department.

Guest of Railways....
Gujrat Circuit House
There is also a Circuit of the Gujrat Government situated at Kumarvada. It has 10 rooms which are books from Gandhinagar Gujrat.

Gujrat Circuit House...
Toran - Gujrat Bhawan
Gujrat Bhawan is another staying resort of the Gujrat Government. It is situated on Gaumukh Temple road. The booking is being done from Palanpur, PWD Department. Contact -02974-238482, 02742-252323.

TORAN - Gujrat Bhawan....
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